Interior Stylists Connect (ISC) is the non-profit extension of  B. Rene Interiors.  I established ISC on March 8, 2021, and this effort is so special to me because this is also my mother's birthdate.  

ISC's mission is to aide individuals and families that have lost their homes and/or belongings as a result of extenuating circumstances beyond their control.
ISC understands the importance of the space we call home, so ISC works with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity  and Friends of Hope to provide furnishings and decor to those in need in order to make their house a home.  
To make a donation today, please click the 'Donate' button below for a safe checkout process via PayPal.
100% of all donations go towards the support of the Interior Stylists Connect mission.
I thank you in advance for your donation.

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