In this intensive in-home consultation, we will be using a detailed and customized Staging Report to write down everything that needs to be done to get the home the best price possible!  We follow an 8-step in each room design process that ensures maximum return on investment (ROI) for every staging dollar spent. This service is designed to give you all the objective, expert advice you need to do the staging work yourself in the form of a detailed report.


Feeling overwhelmed with preparing your home to sell? This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves, following the detailed Staging Report and working together to start staging the main areas of the home right away. You won’t believe the difference a few hours makes just using what you already own!.


Do you have a larger home with more than a few hours of work that needs to be done? No problem! This service simply extends our time together to include a day of rolling up our sleeves, following our detailed Staging Report and tackling the main areas of the home while staging for photos.


This service takes all the stress out of staging and is perfect to make a great first impression for the home that is just about to go onto the market or have an Open House!

I will spend two days prior to the “Open House” weekend transforming the house into a buyers dream. I will be working with a detailed Action Plan (included) that will be given to the home seller to complete the transformations at the end of the session.

To get top dollar, every home should go through our complete home staging transformation before being listed!

Power Shopping​

Together, we’ll create a budget and shop for those accessories that serve as investments in the sale of your home. I’m an expert in sourcing the best items at the most reasonable prices.  Did I mention I have exclusive relationships with some amazing vendors!

Vacant Staging​

Vacant homes are especially in need of staging because they tend to take longer to sell and get the lowest price. Call me for a price estimate that gives you options and works within your budget while making your home stunning!

Additional services are available based upon the home’s needs and home seller’s budget.