Brandi Rene


Welcome to my bio.  I'm Brandi Pace, the founder and CEO of B. Rene Interiors.  I come from a Project Management background in operations and governance, but I have always had a passion and a dexterity for design and home decor.  I started the concept for my company during the COVID-19 pandemic when I decided to redesign my apartment home.  

I believe style is relative, and that inspiration is all around us, and I love to bring ideas to fruition by designing spaces that balance aesthetic with functionality. 

Often realtors, sellers,  and property managers look to a staging company to come in and create a space that feels welcoming to prospective buyers and renters.  To create a space they can see themselves living in.  B. Rene Interiors was crafted with everyone in mind to give a high-end luxury finish.

In today’s buyer’s market, a professionally staged home makes all the difference! It’s not enough to de-clutter, clear your counters and clean-up the home. Buyers want an updated home that fits their family and lifestyle. I work with you to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale!


B. Rene Interiors takes on each client with the most care and cater the project to the needs of the client.  I bring class, elegance, boldness, simplicity, and balance to your project to curate an unforgettable aesthetic.  

About B. Rene Interiors